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We arrive at Lyon airport in the morning and rent a car to go to Strasbourg. We did only the night market, no time to visit during the day. All the lights and decors are just breathtaking. Will go back during summer to visit the town.

We left for Munich by train the day of the shooting, we are lucky because this is the second time we miss a terrible even. The first time was in Nice, with the truck running over peoples.


We are staying here for a few days and taking the train every morning to see other markets in different places. Every market got hot wine, hot eggnog stand if you pay a little more you can keep the glass. The plastic cup is cheap, but the nice glass mug is 10 euro each OH!

Salzburg, Austria

What a beautiful place.We cross the bridge to go the other side (old town).

We visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress.
It sits atop the Festungsberg, a small hill in the city. It is the largest medieval castles in Europe and is situated at an altitude of 506 m. While we were there, I big snow storm was coming, everything got black and snowy, lucky for us it last only 10 minutes.

We visit the store Steiff with all the stuffed animals. I have a lion Steiff from my grandfather a long time ago. They have 2 stores, one you don’t feel welcome when you go inside, a mad woman stops you before you go in and she is not pleasant. I did not look around or bought something. The other store you can go in and look around.

For sure I will go back to visit during the summer maybe it will be sunny and my pictures will have a blue sky.

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