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I love all the little streets with balconies and shops, you can walk all day and see something new when you turn the corner.
If you are a photographer, the little streets are empty between 7-9 am.
You can find a nice bargain if you are looking for souvenirs (but look around other places will be cheaper). The regular shop has a good price also, BUT one thing, you have to look and shop around. The shopping is amazing ….wow. good price on clothes and fashion is there.
Cordoba is a really nice place to travel. you can stay for 3 days and you see almost everything.
Now, we are going to visit Granada by train.


Templo Romano…Remains of a Roman temple, which was discovered in the 1950s during the expansion of the City Hall.
It is pretty impressive to look at.


Alcazar of the Christian monarchs

Impressive the way they live in 1328. The garden is beautiful and lavish.
The fortress served one of the primary residences of Isabella 1 of Castile Ferdinand 2 of Aragon.


Around town


Our Hotel 

The hotel was on a small little street and you can walk everywhere, even to the train station.


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